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Sunday, 24 August 2008 06:28 by Nick MacKechnie

Hi All,

Vanessa under went some laparoscopic surgery on Wednesday to clean up some scar tissue that was creating her some issues internally. The challenge she faces is that she has had numerous bowel operations in the past, that in itself is major enough, however she also suffers from keyloid scarring.  A keloid is a type of scar which results in an overgrowth of tissue at the site of ahealed skin injury. This happens externally, but also happens internally. So every time they go in to treat (cut away) scar tissue that is strangulating her body organs, they of course create more scar tissue, so it becomes a catch 22/chicken & egg situation.

Here’s some cool photos that they took during the procedure: The top four are of the bowel with scar tissue being removed, and the bottom two are of the overies.


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