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Office Labs: Speed Launch

Wednesday, 20 August 2008 00:48 by Nick MacKechnie

Hi All, 

Office Labs: Speed Launch

This is the first community prototype from Office Labs. Community prototypes are projects Microsoft employees work on in their spare time. Speed Launch's goal is to let you get to the stuff you use faster and with less frustration.

Speed Launch - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Why do I need Speed Launch?
Work faster and with less frustration. Speed Launch gives you lightning quick access to all the documents, files, and websites you use often. In the past when you used something a lot you might have created a desktop shortcut, added it to your IE favorites, or placed it on your quick launch bar. Speed Launch allows you to create centralized shortcuts to all the stuff you need and allows you to access them effortlessly.

What is Speed Launch?
Speed Launch is an application launcher that extends the functionality and usability of Microsoft Windows. With Speed Launch, users can select their own words to open frequently used websites, documents, and applications. The most compelling feature of Speed launch is the use of a drag and drop interaction model to make this advanced functionality more intuitive to novice computer users.

How is it used? How does it work with Windows?
Speed Launch is a downloadable program available at   After you've download Speed Launch, simply drag the file, document, or website url onto the Speed Launch bull's-eye to create a Speed Launch shortcut. From then on, any time you need to access that file, document, or website, just hit "Windows+C", type the shortcut name, and what you need will immediately appear.

Is there a shortcut key to open the launcher?
Yes.  Use "Windows+C". 

How do I use Speed Launch to open multiple things?
Drag the first item on to the bull's-eye and give it a name.  Next, drag the second item on to the bull's-eye and give it the same name.  When you do this, Speed Launch will give you the option to replace or merge the two items, choose merge. Now, hit "Windows+C" and type the name.  Speed Launch will open both items.

Is there a limit to how many items a single Speed Launch shortcut can open?
Not that we know of Smiley

I notice that Speed Launch comes with some shortcuts that allow me to search websites.  How do I use them?
Speed Launch comes preloaded with a few useful fucntions.  For example, to search Wikipedia just type “Wikipedia Search” and hit enter.  Next, type what you want to search for in the new window and hit enter.  Speed Launch will open the related Wikipedia page.


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