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Students take online revenge on teachers

Saturday, 9 August 2008 22:43 by Nick MacKechnie

Hi All,

What would you do if a colleague, friend, student, family member or stranger impersonated you online in revenge?

Some students in New Zealand are taking a high-tech approach to revenge on teachers - assuming their identities in fake online profiles and putting doctored photographs of them on the internet.

* Students fraudulently register on a social networking website in their teacher's name.
* They add photographs taken from the school's website or scanned from the school magazine, making it look more legitimate.
* They can then interact with other users and write comments online, which readers are likely to think are from the teacher.

Full article here.

This social engineering isn’t hard to do, the ramifications will be extensive, and no doubt it’s a hell of a thing to clean up afterwards! When it comes to people applying for jobs in the future, I for one always use my favourite search engine as background research. This type of information lives in the caches of search engines well after it’s deleted (if you’re lucky enough to get someone to listen and remove the content). I guess this is the world we live in – The Internet – How many versions of the truth would you like?


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