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On Route to TechReady!

Monday, 28 July 2008 08:02 by Nick MacKechnie

Hi All,

Well it’s been a longer trip than I expected! I caught up with Ronel, Steve and Michael in the lounge at Auckland Airport, we shared a few drinks and then we departed for San Francisco – I managed to score an upgrade which made the journey more comfortable – the glasses of port went down well! :-) 


We landed at San Fran on time - once you go through customs, you pick up your luggage and drop it off so it can then routed to the appropriate destination for connecting flights. Steve was highlighted as someone that needed to be checked more thoroughly rubber gloves as we went through security (via a random check)..


Unfortunately for me, my bag ‘tag’ had fallen off in transit, so I had to re-check in. Lucky for us that this occurred, as our flight to Seattle had been cancelled (due to no crew being available), and the next flight for us on United Airlines wasn’t available until tomorrow. We then had to make a choice – fly to LA, then onto Seattle, or fly to Bosie (Idaho), then onto Seattle – we took the second option.  Michael had picked up some Fejoa vodka for a friend in duty free in NZ, however since the introduction of the new rules for liquids (100mls), the bottle had to be either checked in (er.. his luggage was already on route), we could drink it (er.. didn’t seem like the most sensible option… Well I was keen), or discarded – the ground staff seemed very eager to take it off our hands!


We arrived in Bosie a few hours later, and had to have new tickets issued for our Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle. As we passed through security (again) we had all been marked (randomly, well maybe not) as dodgy, so our contents and us were checked for explosives etc :-) Bizzar thing - Boise has a tagline 'City of Trees" (as per above) - As we flew in, the land was extremely barron - American humour?  


My luggage arrived as expected, however the others were not so lucky… Their's didn’t arrive for another hour or so, so I taxied into town to have a few beers with the team that had already arrived.


It's great to be here again, and I'm looking forward to the week ahead!

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