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Thursday, 24 July 2008 09:31 by Nick MacKechnie

Hi All,

Well it’s been many years since I set foot in a Scout hall, and I survived again! :-) Liam had his first night at Keas tonight, and thoroughly enjoyed it! I loved the camping, adventures, exploring outdoors etc so we decided to introduce Liam to Keas to see if it was cup of tea carbonated fizzy. One of the challenges in moving away from a city, then returning, is that your social network becomes eroded over time. I wanted to get involved in something I enjoyed, meet some new people, as well as give something back to others in the community (looks like I’ll become a leader too) - Oh..yeah, and Liam of course needs to enjoy it. This was the first night of the term for Keas, so it kicked off with placing the kids in “Possies” (groups) and nominating leaders and seconds (deputy leaders). Next on the agenda was a bit of fun - “Battleships”. The kids were split into two teams, some tables are placed on their sides (so the kids couldn’t see each other) and the kids had sit on the floor behind the tables. Throw in a few tennis balls and play Battleships. If a ball hits you without a bounce, you’re out. The kids loved it and went nuts. Next was ‘crafts’ – create something that reminds you of “fun” was tonights theme. There were are a few talks and some education along the way and we finished up with the kids helping to clean up and an allocation of points for the teams for the night.  Here’s a few photos taken from my batfone.



Vanessa will take Liam next week as I'll be in Seattle, and all going well, we'll sign up and get into it :-)


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