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Thursday, 12 June 2008 04:40 by Nick MacKechnie

Hi All, 

I had a few discussions yesterday with a colleague of mine who is based in Auckland, and we came to the conclusion that with the uptake in mobile devices that have browser functionality, the likes of Windows Mobile, IPhone etc, this opens up a real opportunity for developers and businesses to look differently at how they do business. In the example of an IPhone, you pretty much need to be connected over the wire all the time if you want to utilise the applications in the cloud, Windows Mobile is a little different from the perspective that applications are predominately stored locally on the device. As technology advances, people are becoming less patient in terms of wanting to wait – therefore if you have a device that is ‘cool’, that is always connected, and you can achieve what you need to when you want to do it, why wouldn’t you – Enter developers – I would expect to see an upward trend for companies needing and wanting to develop websites for hand held devices to cater for this demand. The world for businesses and consumers has dramatically changed over the years by consumer driven demand. The challenge at the moment in New Zealand is the cost of data over cellular networks – Given the limited competition in the market; I’m not sure how quickly this will change.


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